The Corruption Converter
Brazil is experiencing a generalized crisis. At the same time, the largest corruption scandals in the history of the country are coming to light. There are so many accusations, involving such large amounts of money, that readers lose sight of what those sums represent.
We created a tool for the Estadao Newspaper’s portal, which allows users to convert the amounts in question into deficient products and services provided by the public sector, juxtaposing the news about money that goes missing with the news about where money is needed.

Reals to H1N1 vaccines
H1N1 is the virus that causes the swine flu. In 2016 the disease had an outbreak in Brazil. The corruption values of each new have turned into a comparative bar chart.

Reals to subway tracks
São Paulo
Black - existing subway tracks / White - tracks that could exist.

Reals to repellet
Repellent is used to protect people from Aedes aegypti - Dengue, Chicungunya and Zica transmitter.

Reals to Tamiflu
Tamiflu is an oral medication used for treating the swine flu.
Black - 50 deaths by swine flu / White - 50 Tamiflu (75mg)